Down flow booths

Offering the Nicomac Europe wide range of dispensing units for turn-key granulation and using isolation technology from glove box and down flow booths, Swish Tech can provide both decontamination and operator protection.

Please get in touch to discuss your full requirements.


  • Unidirectional vertical laminar flow Class ISO5
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Equipped with N°3 fans and speed control
  • Prefilter Eu3 and HEPA filter EU14 on inlet and outlet air
  • Stainless steel power control IP55 or NEMA 4
  • Magnelic for differential pressure control
  • Digital display for air velocity- airflow- differential pressure alarm
  • Antistatic PVC curtains
  • cGMP compliance high quality finish
  • High containment – isolation technology – material transfer design available