Swish Tech are suppliers of the Nicomac Minitab single tablet press. This Nicomac single tablet press is easy to use and easy to scale up with continuous production. The rotary tablet press produces high quality and high performance and is flexible, simple and reliable.

It can be supplied with 8-10-12 punches output from 10.000 to 22.000, D tooling 8 stations, B tooling 10 stations or D-B-BB tooling 4+4+4 stations.

This rotary tablet press combines the need for flexibility with the request for high quality and high performance with a simple and reliable technical solution. The instrumented tablet press allows a completely controlled process, on real time force meters, dissolution and disintegration cross-relation, raw materials evaluation; quality control and tablet press troubleshoot.

All machines are designed in accordance to cGMP. They can be instrumented tablet press with APPS automatic process parameters sensing tablet press complies with CFR21 Part 11 to get following data.


  • Real time force meters tablet press
  • Main compression force tablet press
  • Pre compression force tablet press
  • Ejection force tablet press
  • Single punch statistics tablet press