As part of our containment services we can offer a number of flexible single use technology options to provide our customers with high levels of product containment. We offer a variety of flexible technology options depending on the application. In partnership with Rheo Flexibles (a division of Rheo Engineering) Swish Tech Ltd. can offer a full range of single use products for material and product transfer.

Single use containment material handling stationContinuous liner kitSingle use bag closed top

Flexible isolators:

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Continuous Liners

A system with contained packaging for a safe and effective powder transfer operation. Some of the benefits of the continuous liner system are:

Single Use Bags

The single use bags offer easy and contained product transfer when used with split butterfly valve systems. The bags come in sizes ranging from 5 ltr to 50 ltr with different attachments. Some of the benefits of these include:

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  • Custom Designed
  • Reduced Capital Costs
  • Integration with Existing Equipment
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Reduced Need for PPE
  • Operator Friendly
  • Lowered Risk of Cross Contamination