The Rheo Engineering Ventilation Sleeve provides localised dust and vapour control at the point of product transfer to stop contamination getting in and product getting out. The full perimeter slot design provides 360 degrees of dust extraction to ensure that proper air velocity is maintained in the dust zone despite obstructions, such as an operator’s hands or a drum liner.

Ventilation sleeve

The Rheo Engineering Ventilation Sleeve provides full perimeter extraction to deliver efficient capture velocities within the dust zone of your process. Compare this difference to a conventional LEV approach which has no method of compensating for the flow obstructions such as an operator’s hand

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A number of options are available for the Rheo Engineering Ventilation Sleeve to ensure the final product meets your application needs:

Sleeve Shape Options (to match specific drum/container sizes)

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  • The Rheo Engineering Ventilation Sleeve has a removable cover that provides wipe down and cleaning access to all surfaces of the sleeve.
  • The Ventilation Sleeve shape and size can be customised to fit most applications.
  • Various mounting methods are used to position the sleeve in the application opening.
  • The Ventilation Sleeve can be connected to any in-house dust extraction system or mobile dust collector/filter system.